Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Back to school: Through the years

Every year since K started first grade, we've taken the "backpack shot" on our front porch before the first day of school.

Looking at this sequence of pictures, several things hit me:

1. My kids are growing up so quickly!

2. K the Third Grader seems more than two years older than K the First Grader.

3. R is getting to be even more like his daddy.

4. K's hair is still as blonde as ever!

5. I really should've put K on the left side this year.

6. Maybe it's time to get a new doormat.

7. Can we never hide the garden hose from view?

As of today, school is back in session. Whew! We had a fantabulous summer, which makes it that much harder to get back to real life with its homework, early bedtimes, and early, early alarms. Because I'm back in school, too, I didn't get to walk the kids to class this morning, but I did manage to get our traditional backpack shot on the front porch. (Three years in a row! Woo-hoo!)

This year, our feline "fwiends" were around while we took pictures, so they got in on the photo shoot:

Even though I missed the first day festivities at R and K's school, I did get to meet the teachers last Friday night. K's teacher put us to work! K had a long checklist to complete, and after it was finished, I felt like she was really prepared for today.

R didn't have any checklists to do, but he did have to endure having his mother take his picture! In the hallway!!! In front of people!!!!!!!

Somehow R and K were also able to survive the unbearable humiliation that came from Mom FORCING them to sit still for this picture:

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