Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So much weirdness, so little time.

It might be quicker to list ways in which I'm "normal," but Jenna tagged me, so here goes:

Six Weird Things About Me

  1. My name. HELLO?!

  2. I can't burp--not on purpose, at least. (Once I burped when I fell down!)

  3. Since 1986, I've missed just five UT home football games. That's 113 Texas games I've seen in Austin. I've only missed one Texas-OU game in the last 21 years, and that was because Katie was born the Monday before the game. (And I'm married to one of the few men in Texas with little appreciation for college football!)

  4. My greatest talent is my ability to make farting noises with my hands. (At least I don't like to smell my own farts like some people. ;) )

  5. I have the world's ugliest toes, and NOBODY sees them. We'd been dating for months before I took my socks off in front of Brett. Rarely will you catch me wearing open-toed shoes. And pedicures? In public? That would be a NO.
  6. I have a Brady Bunch collection--a pretty good one, at that. The 1970 TV Guide with the family on the cover? Got it. Talking Viewmaster reels? Got 'em. Singing Brady hamsters? Yep. Greg and Marcia paper dolls? You betcha. Coloring books, comic books, paperback books? Check, check and check. That may be weird, but weirder still is that I'm not afraid for the world to see this:

So there you go! I'm tagging Angi and Sarah. Let's see if they take the plunge...

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Jenna said...

Love it!! I love your Brady Bunch collection. Have you shared the joy of the Brady Bunch with Katie? I always wanted to have a girl so that I could share Anne of Green Gables with her - don't see that happening!