Saturday, August 25, 2007

Good mourning.

Morning sky on Aug. 17, our first official day of inservice

Last week I officially returned to work, and as I do every August, I'm mourning summer. It's so hard to see it end. I miss all that time at home with Ryan and Katie. I miss the lazy afternoons in the pool. I miss my morning walks. I miss the freedom to run to Target (and Sonic--oh, Sonic!) during the day. I miss Six Flags and museums and quick trips and music camp and VBS and extra time for blogging!

Once the students return and we're back in the routine, I'll remember how much I love my job. I'll be so thankful to be in a profession that directly impacts kids' lives and shapes the future. But these days of inservice are rough because I just flat out MOURN summer!

Instead of wallowing, though, I choose to see my grieving as a good thing. It means we're making the most of these 10 weeks that I have off. It means that I still love hanging out with my kids. If I had a different job with less vacation time, I might not know this feeling in the pit of my stomach, this sadness, but having these summers off is worth it! I'm also convinced I've found the career that blesses me in many ways--and not just in June and July.

So now I pray for wisdom, strength and patience so I can be the adviser, teacher and mentor my students need. At the same time, I thank God for giving us another great summer, and I thank him for this "good mourning," too.


Jennifer said...

I know that you are an awesome teacher and those kids will be so blessed by you this year.

PB said...

Yes we will miss the care-free days of summer with our kids, but just think of the adventure that is ahead of you. Your job is very important. I'm glad that God has given us each a talent and yours is teaching. I could never do that.

We are "mourning" the lack of blogging from our sites. I'm sure we will catch up soon. :)

Angi said...

ughh, can I just post a link to this post on my blog?
I'm right there with you.
Well, I was last week.
We have kids now, which helps, but OH MY GOODNESS, what a long week...