Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Megann's birthday.

Today's Megann's birthday. How we miss her! There are so many things that remind us of her, and she's never far from our thoughts. Just last week at our district's convocation, I remembered LAST year's convocation when I ran into her just long enough for a quick hello.

Some of her friends and family are participating in the Walk for the Whisper next month. The walk raises money for ovarian cancer research and awareness. I can't be there, but I'm happy to support Team Megann!

Donate to Team Megann

Before Megann died, Katie prayed for her every night without fail. Beginning that awful day in May, Katie started praying for Megann's family--and she still does! We'll be saying extra prayers for the family today. We'll thank God for bringing Megann into our lives, too.


Tami said...

Tammie and I were just talking about how we miss her. I can't be at the walk either, but I will donate as well. It is amazing how Megann will continue to make a difference in people's lives for many years to come!

PB said...

Thanks for posting this. We do all miss her! I'm posting something also maybe we can help raise donations for this.

tamandscott said...

And...I copied y'all, too! I hope we get a good team for the walk. I still can't believe she is gone. She did the walk herself last year!

Jenna said...

I love Katie's sweet heart!! I will be at the walk.