Thursday, August 16, 2007

A long time ago...

OK, maybe not so long ago. On Thursday, our absolutely last free summer day, the kids and I went to see "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination." Like a lot of people, we had this exhibit (at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History) on our "to do" list all summer, and since I had a technology meeting that afternoon and then regular inservice on Friday, I figured Thursday morning was our last chance.

We arrived at 10 a.m., and even though the weekday crowd wasn't too awful, we were there with about 30 daycare/summer camp kids. All of the hands-on parts of the exhibit were beyond crowded! That didn't keep us from ogling all the props and costumes. Too cool.

And this? This was pictured on one side of my Star Wars lunchbox:

And this was on the other side:I felt like I'd eaten lunch with both of these every day of fourth grade!

What was great about the exhibit was the way it incorporates stuff from the old and new movies, having something for the older fans and the younger. I identified more with the props and costumes from episodes 4-6, but Ryan--our resident Star Wars expert--loved the stuff from episodes 1-3, too.
Kudos to the museum for bringing this exhibit to Fort Worth! The museum staff had T-shirts identifying them as "Jedi Knights." The signage was clever, too!

All too soon our course took us back to the parking lot. Good thing the Force was with us or the dinosaur might've gotten the best of us!

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