Sunday, August 05, 2007


Now THAT'S a happy 11-year-old! For months now, Ryan has wanted an iPod, and after adding up his birthday money, he finally had enough to buy one. We headed to Target at 9 p.m. last night to make the big purchase.

Congratulations, Ryan! Your patience really paid off!


Jenna said...

Way to go!! Did he have any money left over to download songs?

I am badly craving a black, video ipod. It's just a dream right now - maybe for Christmas.

PB said...

Ryan welcome to the world of music. My kids have the cheap versions of iPods. Nevertheless they were in Wal-Mart yesterday singing some Styx's song. Ask Mom to download some of those. You'll like them.

tamandscott said...

What a great lesson he learned in delayed gratification!! Congrats on the ipod!

Chris said...

Very nice - can I borrow it? Electronics do better in a cold climate. Like Massachusetts.