Saturday, August 04, 2007

Potter party.

(What? You mean I'm sharing my party with this old guy?)

For his 11th birthday party, Ryan chose a Harry Potter theme. We were fresh out of owls to deliver the invitations, but Hedwig was at least pictured on the Hogwarts acceptance letter we sent to our guests to announce the party.

From Gryffindor Grub to Muggles Mix, there was no shortage of Potter party food. We even had a Wand-Making Station ('cause doesn't everyone need a chocolate-covered pretzel wand?):

Ryan's birthday tablecloth is getting pretty crowded now that it has 11 years' worth of signatures. There are lots of great memories here:

A relatively new tradition is the trivia contest. This year our guests answered Harry Potter trivia questions and guessed the number of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans in a jar.
And just like we've done for 11 (Can you believe 11?) years now, we SWAM! This time we called it "Hydro-Quidditch."
While the kids swam, Nana and Memaw tried to keep cool in their spots on the swing:

Once everyone was waterlogged and pruny, we headed inside for more snacks and birthday cake.

Ryan's cousin Chris entertained the cake-eating guests:
And then it was time for presents!
Ryan was overwhelmed with all of his presents!
Since we're also celebrating Brett's 40th birthday, he got to open some cards, too.

Thanks to everybody who helped us celebrate Ryan and Brett's birthdays!


Jenna said...

What a great party!!

PB said...

That looks like a fun party! You are always so clever. Congratulations Brett on becoming my age finally! Who knew you were so young. Another month and you would have missed being a part of the awesome class of '85.