Thursday, December 13, 2007

Elf esteem.

"Katie has really come out of her shell!"

That's what Katie's second grade teacher said after seeing tonight's performance of "The Elves' Impersonator," the fourth grade Christmas program.

We didn't realize she'd ever been in a shell, but her former teacher's right: This girl steals the show! Her inflections, her dancing, her solo: all stellar!

The show is about an elf, Elfis, who's ostracized because he's, um, different. He carries a guitar, wears big hair and sunglasses, and says uh-huh a lot. But boy, can he sing! Santa eventually convinces his North Pole posse the importance of acceptance, and thus they rock-n-roll happily ever after.

Of course, the musical would've been missing something if not for the show-stopping performance of Elf #1!
Great job, Kates!

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Jenna said...

Way to go Katie!!