Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A wonderful Christmastime.

From the Santa surprises to the long-awaited gifts, from the turkey to the table, from the catnip to the catfights, it was a wonderful Christmas Day at our house!

Ryan was stunned to find his Jaws display.

Katie loves her Shuffle!


Plenty o'presents.

KitKat didn't know what to think.

Ryan, our budding Beatlemaniac, now owns Rubber Soul.

A Spi-Dog now joins Katie's collection of iPets.

More Wii fun!

Catnip crazy! KitKat tackled ChaCha, trying to get ChaCha's present, but ChaCha won.

Katie was shocked to unwrap The Christmas Shoes movie on DVD.

Finally! The latest Harry Potter movie on DVD!

Memaw has loved Care Bears for 25 years and now has the 25th anniversary bear.

Ryan was excited to find his script book for the Buffy musical.

Memaw was surprised by her customized Longhorn T-shirt.

The cats took their squabble outside--high on catnip, maybe?

Christmas Story re-enactment after presents were opened:
"What's that over there, by the piano?"

Guitar Hero III for the Wii, a gift Brett was led to believe was impossible to find!

Our turkey took a L-O-N-G time to prepare,
causing us to wonder why we didn't just order one from Popeye's!

Finally: Christmas dinner.

What a feast for five!

Even the kitties got to eat some turkey.

Ah...full belly!

Without a doubt, we are SO blessed!

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