Friday, December 28, 2007

O Zilker tree.

I experienced two true "Austin moments" on Friday. The first was when I tasted the Kerbey Lane pancake at lunch, and the second was when I stepped under the lights of the Zilker Park Christmas tree. Both were sensory experiences that overwhelmed me with memories, inundating me with nostalgia for when I lived in this amazing city.

Of course, on Austin trips lately, it's been a blast to show off "my town" to my family, and already Ryan and Katie know how cool the Zilker tree is!

It's a nifty view inside the tree, but all Austinites know you have to spin around under there...
so you can see THIS:

It's such a cool view from outside or inside, and we spun underneath it until we fell down! We don't always make it to Austin during the holidays, but when we do, we just HAVE to spend some time with the tree!

(Last year the kids and I did the Zilker spin in the rain on our way to the Alamo Bowl. Pictures from that visit are here.)

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Jenna said...

That's cool!