Sunday, December 09, 2007

Nana night.

For years Nana has hosted a tree-trimming sleepover for her granddaughters. This year, Katie's closest girl cousin couldn't make it, so the boys got to participate! They enjoyed hot dogs...

and as is Nana's tradition, they paid a visit to a family friend. (Here, Papa watches Ryan sign the card for Ellie.)
Ryan, Katie and their cousin Adam had a great time eating together, decorating Nana and Papa's tree and staying up way too late!

Brett and I enjoyed our own night out, eating dinner at Carino's (the best excuse for carbs--EVER) and then getting some Christmas shopping out of the way.

Thanks, Nana! We all had a GREAT Friday night!


Anonymous said...

oh wow. I remember when it was me going to Nana's. Just me. I really miss those days!! I wish I could relive that with your Katie bug!

Chris said...

Ryan has the same expression on his face as Papa.

I'm looking forward to having those same kids distribute presents (to me) very soon. If I can survive the next few days... See y'all soon.