Sunday, June 29, 2008

Down on the ranch.

Tourists that we are, Dede and I felt obliged to visit Cadillac Ranch while we were in Amarillo.

What an odd cultural icon! There's a gate between the I-40 frontage road and the cars, but it's common knowledge that the public is welcome 24/7.

While we were there, we saw several families adding graffiti to those famous Cadillacs buried there. Now where else would you see a mom showing her kids how to tag a car—and it all being perfectly legal?

A big storm came through the night before (after the outdoor birthday party, fortunately), so the field there was MUDDY!

To get close to the cars, you had to brave your way through gobs of sticky mud.

See all that standing water? That kept us from getting too close!

Just a short, carside visit left me with little mudpies on my toes!

Dede and I both had a couple of close calls in the slippery stuff! In any case, we're glad we braved the mud to experience this bit of roadside America.

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