Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Take 3 Titans and call me in the morning.

So you go to the clinic for a couple of blood draws, and the doctor wants you back in five hours for another test. How do you kill five hours?

You go to Six Flags to ride the Titan! We ended up riding it three times in a row.

On this trip Ryan and I were surprised to find villains among the costumed characters.

The Joker and this Green Lantern villain were awfully creepy!

Cheetah (here with the Riddler) made a comment about the bats on Ryan's shirt, a reference to the Dark Knight, one of her Justice League foes.

This was our first time to see Granny there, too. At least she didn't give us the heebie jeebies like the bad guys did! (Her ginormous rear end was a little unnerving, however.)

Of course, we had to meet up with some old friends.

We're afraid the giant chair may not be with us much longer (as evidenced by a giant crack in its seat). We feel obligated to pay it a visit whenever we're in the neighborhood.

Since this was a more leisurely Six Flags trip, it was kind of nice to take our time and hit just a few of our favorite rides. Besides the Titan, we also rode the Rattler, the Shock Wave and...

the Superman Tower of Power.
It was a hot day, so Ryan made sure to make use of the misters.

I'm sure we weren't the best-smelling folks when we returned to the clinic, but we surely had a good time in the interim!

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