Thursday, June 05, 2008

Giddy up.

Graduation day is usually this teacher's least favorite and favorite day all rolled into one. It's always bittersweet to see some of our special seniors leave us, but graduation also means summer's beginning and I can be a stay-at-home mom again—at least for a couple of months.

I can still remember my first year of teaching, 'round mid-May, when I was practically skipping down the hall in anticipation of having a whole summer off. There was a commercial way back then with some guy singing, "I'm so happy..." That song was my soundtrack for those last weeks of school that year! I'm not quite as likely to burst into song anymore, but I still get excited as the end of each year approaches. In fact, as we teachers mark off items on our final check-out sheet, we can feel the giddiness building. And when those seniors toss their caps into the air as graduation ends, we feel like doing some hollerin' ourselves!

But this year was different. My vacation began with two days of computer training and then two days of continuous improvement inservice. Knowing that those classes stood between me and The Price Is Right, frequent Sonic runs and countless dips in the pool kept me from the usual all-out bliss that this time of year is supposed to bring. Even our typically giddy post-graduation faculty lunch was a tad more somber than usual, too, since we all knew we'd be back in our school library in just a few days.

But now? The classes are over, and music camp doesn't start until Monday. IT'S FINALLY SUMMER! And yes, I'm positively giddy about it!

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