Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The eyes have it.

Think Katie needed new glasses? For weeks we'd been wanting to get to the store to pick her up a new pair. Her current glasses were scratched up and had been adjusted and readjusted countless times. I was desperate for new contacts, too, since the last few times I tried to wear my current pair, I ended up looking like I'd been on a drinking binge!

We had to wait for summer's arrival and Music Camp's departure, but we have now made that long-anticipated trip to Eyemasters. After a visit to the eye doctor, we took our time shopping for frames. Katie ended up getting two pairs (for one low price!), so she tried on a bunch before deciding on the two she liked the best. I offered my opinion about each set of frames, which led Katie to reach this conclusion: "It's pretty bad when I'm getting my fashion advice from a FORTY-YEAR-OLD." Ouch!

We decided to stay in the area while our glasses were being made, so we headed to lunch nearby.

We opted for TGI Friday's. The kids and I were just there a few weeks ago, but it was Katie's pick for our girls' day out. Who am I to turn down a plate of Dragonfire Chicken?

After lunch and a (painfully long—for Katie, anyway) trip to Kohl's, we returned to collect our spectacles.


Do-do-do-Doo-do, I can see clearly now, the rain is gone...


PB said...

I was thinking of the song, Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd you get those Peepers...Where'd you get those eyes?

Holly Moulder said...

This was such a funny blog! Katie looks way different w/o glasses. Crazy.