Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Holiday in the Park.

It's no secret that we love Six Flags. What we don't advertise is our distaste for those really hot Six Flags days when you leave the park drenched in sweat. Nasty.

So Holiday in the Park really works for us! Not only are all the Christmas lights and special foods a treat, but getting to hit our favorite rides in cooler weather is a dream!

And the Titan seems SO much faster with that wind chill! So cool. Literally. When Katie and I hit the park Friday night, the lines weren't bad at all. We took advantage of that and rode the world's greatest coaster SIX times.

(Sidenote: When we were heading up the hill on our first Titan ride, Katie was wishing she had spit out her gum before boarding. I ripped off a corner of a piece of paper so she could wrap up the gum before that first big drop. She disposed of her gum and stuck the wadded paper in her pocket. We rode, yea, fun, loved it, the usual. When we got off the train, Katie reached in her pocket, grabbed the wad and threw it in the trash barrel.

Since the line was short, we made the big circle to go back to the ride entrance. Once at the station, Katie reached into her pocket and discovered that wadded up gum paper.

"Mom, I think I threw away my $10 bill."

Sure enough, she had grabbed her allowance money instead of her gum. As we waited our turn, I told her we could always look in the trash can after our ride. But right about then, we noticed a couple digging through that trash. I was just certain they had spotted her money. I mean, why else would you be digging through Six Flags garbage?

Then the couple pulled out their 20-oz. soft drink bottles. Since the park doesn't allow loose articles on the ride or at the station, they had stowed their drinks there. IN THE TRASH BARREL.

So as I retold this story to Brett, he got stuck right there. And who can blame him? Pretty disgusting. But that's not the good part. What's unbelievable is that after our second ride on the Titan, I peeked into that big trash barrel, and there at the very bottom was Katie's wadded up 10. I had to take the lid off the can and tip it over to reach the bottom, but I got it! The day was saved! And speedy quick I hit the bathroom to scrub my hands with soap.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...)

Of course, we got a kick out of seeing all the decorations.

The special food vendors were enticing, too. We chose the "Fried What?" stand. For a small price, the kind entrepreneur will deep fry one of several items: Snickers, key lime pie, pickles, mushrooms, Twinkies, etc.

We chose the fried Oreos.

So, so good!

Even though some rides were closed and a few lines were really long, we had a great time riding our favorites without breaking a sweat.

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