Friday, June 10, 2011

Barton Springs.

Tucked inside Zilker Park is Austin's favorite watering hole, Barton Springs. For centuries it has attracted Austinites and tourists alike to its spring-fed pool.

But until today, no Dub had ever set foot in those 68-degree waters. In fact, Barton Springs was the main inspiration for this year's vacation. On other trips, it was too cold for us to consider taking a dip.

And really, because of that 68-degree water, you could argue it's ALWAYS cold there! Still, this was the perfect summer day for a swim.

Brett, still in pain from a basketball injury (a likely broken rib), stayed on the sideline, but the kids and I went for it. The chilly water made for an invigorating experience.

Katie even swam the length of this pool. That's impressive since it covers 3 acres!

It's shameful that it took me 43 years to finally swim in Barton Springs, but I'm glad I got to experience it for the first time with my family!

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