Friday, June 10, 2011

Going batty, at long last.

Hundreds of people head to the Congress Avenue bridge each night from May to September to see North America's largest urban bat colony.

Because we tend to visit Austin more during the fall or winter, Brett and the kids had never seen the bats until this night.

It's crazy to see the bats streaming out from under the bridge! Up to 1.5 million of the critters head out each night to forage for food.

For more about the bats, check this out: Link

After our batty experience, we drove to the Arboretum to have some Amy's ice cream with Auntie Ames and her husband.

There are other Amy's Ice Cream locations in town, but we always head to the Arboretum. Why?

The cows!

It's our tradition to climb on and pose with the Arboretum cows.

They are awfully photogenic, don't you think?

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