Saturday, July 07, 2012

Vacation 2012: Life's a beach.

Day 3: Orange Beach

How awesome to wake up to this view!

While the kids slept, Brett and I enjoyed an early walk.

Our umbrella
Notice our name? "Brady" is our
go-to pseudonym.

Muscle Beach, this time without the
embarrassed teenaged daughter!

After a full day in the sun, we drove into Gulf Shores to dine at LuLu's. Since the main restaurant had an hour wait, we took the shortcut and ate at the Sunset Grill.

Fun place to eat!
I LOVED the crab melt! As we were leaving LuLu's, I noticed
a friend's Facebook comment advising me to order the crab
melt. So glad I did, Laurie!

We loved the sauces! We even bought a bottle
of the Mean Green to take home with us.

Ropes course, sand volleyball, music: Lots to do there!


This reminds me of another vacation shot.

Another diversion outside the restaurant

My man
After dinner Brett and I wanted to get in one more walk along the beach.

Full disclosure: We didn't make this!
(But isn't it amazing?)

Another view of our hotel
Before we had even rinsed the sand off our feet, Brett and I decided we would return here someday. What a gorgeous, relaxing place!

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