Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation 2012: More magic.

Day 8, part 2: Magic Kingdom redux

After our afternoon break, Katie and I were itching to get back to the park, but the boys were content just hanging out at the resort.

Katie was really wanting to get more celeb shots, so we got a Fastpass for the Disney princesses before seeing any attractions. After visiting the Haunted Mansion, People Mover, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and a few others, we ended up catching the ladies near the end of our visit with little waiting! We were so impressed with how these "princesses" took their time to make conversation with each guest, never giving the slightest hint that it was late and they were tired. (I was exhausted just watching them interact with everyone!)

Princess Aurora


Upon leaving the princesses' venue, we walked right into the Electrical Parade. We had caught this back in 2006 at California Adventure, so it was a trip to see it again! (Actually, I remember it from my family's first Disneyland vacation waaaay back in '78.)

Lights and '70s synthesizer music: trippy!

Pete's Dragon! Talk about a flashback!

Katie and I had missed supper, so we got ourselves a snack before boarding the monorail.

It was a delicious evening!

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