Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation 2012: Back to the beach.

Day 11: Tallahassee to Destin to Baton Rouge
Miles driven: 468

Westward ho!

We woke up to a gorgeous Tally morning. On our way back to the interstate, we saw the Florida State Capitol. Interesting juxtaposition, eh? Every capitol building I see just makes me love ours all the more.

Our "real" beach time was on the way to Florida, but we knew we couldn't be that close to the coast and not stop on the way home. This time we stopped in Destin, a place many of our friends visit each summer.

Check out that blue water! 

Since this was one of our "long haul" days, it was nice to just soak up the sun and feel those ocean breezes for a few hours.

The only way you'll ever see a photo
of my toes: If they're covered up!

Such a lovely place! The surf was a little rougher than what we'd seen at Orange Beach just a bit to the west. 

After rinsing off, we were on our way. Next stop: Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Pit stop!

Funny how lovely a storm can be when it's far from our car!
We originally planned to stay in Mississippi at the end of this leg, but big plans for the next day pushed us to mosey farther west before stopping for the night. We were all excited to get home, but one of us was over-the-top ecstatic to get to our next destination!

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