Saturday, November 30, 2013

November, we hardly knew ye.

Christmas has come to Fort Worth. 

It's not quite December yet, 
but it was snowing inside Bass Hall tonight.

Outside, folks were enjoying the new Sundance Square. 

From the big Christmas tree to the snowflakes projected on the pavement, there's no doubt: We've officially entered this holiday season.

And so, this crazy November draws to a close, and NaBloPoMo ends with it. Usually I'm able to catch up on old events throughout the 30 straight days of posts. But this year, I was either too overwhelmed to edit old pix or too distracted by random thoughts to catch up with back-blogging. Even though I still have months' worth of events to record, it was nice to have an excuse (albeit a lame one) to blog again. It felt good to have my little online journal, and as crazy as this month was, from football to dentistry to desperate prayer requests, I'm thankful I had this "cheap therapy," this place to record my nonsensical musings. It's so appropriate that NaBloPoMo is during this season of thanksgiving. There's something about writing every day that forces you to acknowledge all your blessings. For that, I'm thankful.

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