Monday, November 18, 2013

Time flies, take 2.

Our last "first day" pic with both: 2013

Way back on Aug. 26, we celebrated yet another first day of school. Since Ryan's a senior, this year's "first day" photo was poignant; it's the last one with both kids.

To commemorate the occasion, we did a little "then and now":

Our first "first day" pic (2001) 
It's hard to believe that our eager little kindergartener is now a seasoned veteran of this whole school thing. And that brave little preschooler who so desperately wanted to join her brother at school? She's now a sophomore.

Ryan doesn't know it yet, but I'll be expecting a "first day" picture to mark his first day of college!

(For some more "old school" [heh] first day pix, check out this post from 2008.)

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