Sunday, June 24, 2007

And they're off!

Ryan, Katie and a bunch of their HCC friends are off to Camp Impact this week!

After church Sunday, we loaded their bags onto the trailer for the trip to OC.Katie is FINALLY old enough to go to camp, and she has been SO excited about going! Sunday morning when I went to her room to wake her up, she was already dressed and ready to go.

Ryan went to Impact last year and had a blast. He was ready to go back!

Thanks to Jamba, we can see pictures from the kids' camp adventures. Check out Camp Impact on JambaTV for pictures like these from their first day. THANKS, MATT!

If you do the math, you'll see that Family of 4 - 2 kids = 2 parents on their own. We love camp, too!


Jennifer said...

Enjoy your time withou the kiddos!

I hope they have a great time at camp. What fun memories they are making!!

PB said...

You guys are soo lucky! Now I wish I would have had my children closer together. I hope you enjoy your week alone.

T-N-T said...

I hope Ryan is doing his job - make sure that Blake is showering and getting to the places that he needs to be. That is a huge responsibility and New Shoes is the best one for the job!