Friday, June 22, 2007

Lunch date.

Today I took Ryan and Katie shopping for camp stuff. They both leave for Camp Impact Sunday afternoon, so I used that as a good excuse to get them new shorts and socks and such. After we blazed through Target, I took them to Cheddar's for lunch.

Now THIS is what summer's all about: being able to take my kids to lunch on a weekday! There was something so casual, so NICE about sitting down at a real restaurant (sans play area), just the three of us enjoying a great meal. (Not that we didn't miss Dad--it's just a different dynamic.) We laughed, I cried... It was wonderful.

Both kids were extra-polite to our waitress and perfect dinner companions, too. Our waitress even commented on what great kids they are. I already KNEW how great they are, but it's lunches like this one that really let me revel in that knowledge!


Jennifer said...

Your kids are great kids, just the little that I know about them. I'm glad you got some time alone with them, without being rushed on a weekend. That's nice! I do get to eat out with my boys at a variety of places but we are still at the point where I'm cutting food , it's not nearly as relaxed as yours. I'm not wishing it away though. It will be gone before I know it.

Hope the kids have fun at camp!!

Anonymous said...

You do have the best kids in the world. They are funny and fun to be around. I am lucky to have gotten to know such a wonderful family!