Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A time to remember.

I've already written about the Oklahoma City National Memorial and its impact on me (Remembering Baylee), but on this trip to OKC, I got to share the experience with Brett. Unlike last year, when Katie and I saw the memorial in bright sunshine, this year's visit was dreary. The rain seemed so fitting for the occasion, though.

The outdoor memorial is poignant, with its gates of time to mark the minute before and minute after the explosion.
Where the Murrah Building once stood, empty chairs represent the lives lost:

There's so much symbolism here and in the indoor museum. The organizers have done a wonderful job symbolizing life before and after the tragedy, not hesitating to show the horrors of the event but also demonstrating the strength and love of the American people.

A particularly touching part of our day was our walk along the fence. The fences that surrounded the site soon after the bombing were covered with messages, pictures, stuffed animals, all kinds of trinkets dedicated to the victims. A section of fence was set up near the memorial for that same purpose.After walking around the memorial grounds, we visited the museum, and both of us were touched by its message.Everybody should see the memorial and walk through the museum. It's powerful! Especially for those of us who remember that awful day in 1995, the experience gives us a chance to remember and reflect.

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tamandscott said...

Wow. I have never been there but would like to go see it. It looks beautiful and very serene.