Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Water, water everywhere.

We lucked out last night, getting to spend time on the canal in between rainstorms. Today? Not so much!

It was raining when we left the hotel, headed for OC. Once there at Camp Impact, we helped Ryan with his factor infusion. (At OC we got quick glimpses of most of the HCC kids, who all seemed to be having a great time, moms!) Because of the rain, we weren't able to take Ryan back to the nurse's clinic for his infusion, which made for a, well, "creative" solution. Anyway, as soon as the infusion was over, we skedaddled to downtown OKC. And it was still raining. Hard. Imagine the fun of driving through a strange town in a downpour. Yippee.

Our first stop was the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Now isn't a garden the first place you want to go in the rain? Actually, our destination was the Crystal Bridge, an indoor, seven-story-tall conservatory filled with all kinds of plants and butterflies. Unfortunately, we managed to park on the wrong end of the bridge and ended up walking--in the rain, of course--all the way around the gardens!

Once inside, we could tell why all the travel guides make such a big deal about this bridge: It's filled with an impressive variety of plants. (Can you tell how wet my shirt is? Brett and I shared an umbrella, so my whole left side ended up totally soaked!)

The exhibit currently focuses on Hawaii, which explains the tiki hut and volcano:The place is gorgeous with all the waterfalls:Visitors can walk across the suspended walkway for a better view of the plants, especially the towering trees:It was cool to be at coconut level!
We also found some pretty bizarre species, like this octopus tree, the punk rocker of the plant world. Check out those spikes:After walking all around the Crystal Bridge, across the walkway and up to the elevated platforms, we were STILL soaked!
And then, when it was time to leave and traipse back to the car, we discovered it was still raining:
It was a pretty place to visit, but we certainly wished we could've seen the gardens at a more leisurely pace instead of running through them seeking cover!

Next stop: the OKC Memorial. But that story will have to wait until tomorrow!

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PB said...

Cool! I didn't know about that place. It reminds me of Moody Gardens in Galveston. Be ready for a somber track through the OKC Memorial. I remember sheding a tear or two, but that's just me.

Tell Brett that Kevin has that same shirt. Maybe they can wear it on the same day and be twinky twins.