Tuesday, March 11, 2008

'Round and 'round we go.

Today I have been pushed and shoved and tossed around, and I'm tired. The virus that's had a hold on me since Saturday night is lingering, and I've now missed two school days in a row. I'm vertical but still weak, and I'm the type who gets depressed when I'm sick. Bummer.

To top that off, a "procedure" we've had on our calendar for a while was rightattheverylastminute rescheduled, and EVERY! LITTLE! DETAIL! HAD! TO! CHANGE! This afternoon's been a crazy train of frustrated outbursts, followed by frantic phone calls, followed by one resolution, only to be followed by yet another resolution... Unbelievable!

(I promised I'd keep this minor, low-risk procedure "private," so let me just say that we'll take any and all prayers we can get around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday!)

And let me also say that I thank God that He never lets go of me, even when I feel like I'm spinning out of control in the ol' amusement park of life. On the phone this afternoon, I kept forgetting that He's got me! I'm stressing out, thinking I can't handle all this, and after way too much anguish, I remember: All I have to do is say, "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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Jenna said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. It is not good to be stressed and sick all at the same time. I will pray for whomever and his/her procedure.