Thursday, March 20, 2008

The smiles we left behind.

So I pick up the latest Texas Monthly* from our bar (where all of our mail piles up—please tell me we're not the only ones who throw our mail in a pile!). When I plop the magazine down on my lap, I feel something...furry. EW!

I throw the magazine on the floor, and when I pick it up again, THIS is what's left on the floor:

Ah, memories. Misty water-colored memories of the way we were! (The story behind the 'stache can be found here, here or here.)

*I recommend this issue—April—because it has a list of "68 Awesome Things to Do with Your Kids." We've managed to do quite of few of those 68 and can vouch for the fact that yes, they're awesome!


Jenna said...

Ha, ha, ha! Who knew that moustaches could be so much fun? The laughs just keep coming.

tamandscott said...

That is hilarious!