Friday, October 31, 2008

Hitting the streets.

You've got to love trick-or-treating! When else can you visit with neighbors, see tons of cute and cool costumes, and collect lots and lots of candy? Brett especially loves the whole atmosphere, this night that's different from every other night of the year.

We started our evening on our own street.

Then we drove over to Memaw's apartment.

Of course, she had candy for us. She also had Halloween cards!

She was a little freaked out by Ryan's "bleeding" skeleton costume.

Speaking of costumes, here's Katie, the '50s girl.

And here's Ryan, the creepy skeleton.

After Memaw's, we headed to a neighborhood that was bustling with trick-or-treaters. Many of the houses there were decorated, and a lot of the neighbors were sitting in their driveways to greet the kids.

Another tradition: We always end our Halloween night at Nana and Papa's house.

While at the grandparents' house, the kids like to dump out their candy to tally their profits. This year, Katie's pumpkin was so full, the candy was stuck!

Not bad for a night's work!

By night's end, we were dead tired!

Happy Halloween!

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