Saturday, October 11, 2008

Howdy, folks...

...and welcome to the State Fair of Texas!

Because kickoff was at 11 this year, we arrived at the fairgrounds around 7:15 on Saturday. We didn't get to do much fair stuff,

but we did get a quick look at the midway, and we didn't dare miss...

Fletcher's Corny Dogs!

We were eating our "breakfast of champions" at 7:40 a.m., a record for us! (Usually it's closer to 8 before we go to the dogs.)

After breakfast, we wandered down to the esplanade to the ESPN College Gameday set. It's crazy to experience all the hoopla there.

We didn't stay for the entire broadcast, but we did get to see the show's three hosts.

We tried to out-yell those sooners, even though we were out-numbered.

And as always, there were plenty of signs in the crowd! (This is one of the less offensive of the offerings.)

We didn't stay too long there because we needed one more corny dog (lunch!) before gametime. Then we made our way to the Cotton Bowl for the long-awaited game.

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