Saturday, January 02, 2010

Back-blogging again.

You know I'm off work when I manage to make TEN posts in one day! Call me crazy, but I really wanted to get caught up before returning to work Monday. (Call me a procrastinator, too, because I really should've been finishing up some church stuff this afternoon! Oh, well. As Kenny Rogers would say, "We've got tonight.")

Brett misses new posts when I back-date them (and they show up below posts that have been up for a while), so here's the run-down:

Dec. 21: No business like dough business
Dec. 23: Decked halls
Dec. 23: Another pet?
Dec. 24: A different kind of Christmas Eve
Dec. 25: Christmas 2009
Dec. 25: White Christmas
Dec. 25: A walk in the park
Dec. 28: A day of celebration
Dec. 29: T&D&S
Dec. 30: Wii wish you a merry Christmas

Whew! Glad that's taken care of. Now I have just two more posts until I'm caught up...

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