Sunday, January 24, 2010

They're playin' basketball...

Time to switch gears from football to basketball! Both kids are back to playing in a city league this year. It's Junior NBA, so all the teams are the Mavericks. That means we can always say, "Go, MAVS!"

I missed the first weekend of games because I was on my home from California. Saturday, Jan. 16, was my first chance to see the kids play.

We LOVE having our family close! R&K always have a big cheering section because Nana, Papa, Aunt Kelly and Memaw (and Uncle Mike when he's in town) come to the games.

I was glad to be feeling better from my killer stomach bug to be able to attend Katie's game on Jan. 23:

Katie and I skedaddled to a birthday party after her game, so we didn't get to watch Ryan play that weekend. From all accounts, he did great—even though his loudest fan wasn't there!

By the way, the title comes from this song (even though when I hear it in my head—EVERY SINGLE TIME the kids take the court—I'm hearing the '80s version):

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