Sunday, January 10, 2010

California recap: Wednesday night.

After work I headed straight to the airport to meet Dede and board our flight to LA. Unlike four years ago, when United Airlines' computer problems delayed my arrival, this time we made it to our hosts' home in time for their BCS Eve party.

Some sights from the party:
Texas cookies and Bama crimson cupcakes
(complete with houndstooth wrappers)

A couple of our tailgating friends were there

LOVE the orange roses

Salt Lick BBQ—mmm, mmm, MMM!

Memories from 2006

It was only a matter of time before T sprouted horns!

At one point T started giving party guests a balance test.

He has a balance wristband, so he had people try balancing with and without the band.

Of course, the whole exercise made us laugh!

The food was excellent, but the best part of the party was getting to spend time with good friends. Greg and his wife live in New Jersey, and it had been about two years since we'd seen them. And our host Kelley makes it to Austin only about once a year.

Hostess Dana and Greg's wife Dana (with an LA friend): It was so good to spend time with them!

This wasn't my first time to stay with our hosts, but every time I'm there, I'm in awe of their home.

Safari room

Living room

And the wine cellar:

Months after holding our breaths as we reserved our plane tickets, it was so exciting to finally be in California!

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