Monday, August 25, 2008

The return of the front porch pose.

Our First Days of School

2001: Ryan's first day of kindergarten

2002: Ryan's first day of first grade

2003: Ryan in second, Katie in kindergarten
(taken at Sears the day before the first day of school)

2004: Katie in first, Ryan in third

2005: Katie in second, Ryan in fourth

2006: Ryan in fifth, Katie in third

2007: Ryan in sixth, Katie in fourth

2008: Katie in fifth, Ryan in seventh

We honored our traditions of the front door picture this morning and our dinner out tonight.

This year's destination: Spring Creek BBQ, where we stuffed ourselves and rehashed our first day of school. Katie and Ryan are off to good starts in their classes, and I'm excited about my new students.

At dinner, both kids mentioned that they needed more binders. Since my campus was on our way home, we popped into my classroom to pick up some of my extras. While we were there, Ryan left a note for my students:
"Y'all better be nice to my mom."

Katie had to add her own message, too.

Then Katie had a seat in "her desk." Whenever she visits my room, she always ends up sitting here. What gets me is seeing how well she fits in this big desk! (And with that posture, she looks like she's ready for high school!)


Jenna said...

Those pictures make me sad! Can't you stop them from growing so fast?! You have such fantastic kids. I know they will have a great year.

Anonymous said...

oh my. I can't believe how big they are!! I feel like they were babies yesterday. man. I guess that means I'm a grown up now...