Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another football Saturday: Children of the corn edition.

Scenes from our next-to-last tailgate for this season:

Perfectly seasoned steaks

Some corn shucking

Our Section 1 buddies

A grill full of goodness

Double the pleasure

Roasted corn (to symbolize the impended torching of the Cornhuskers)

Roast 'em, Horns!


Texas hospitality

With temps in the low 70s, we FINALLY had some good football weather for our tailgate. The pleasant breezes, combined with the best food ever, made for a wonderful gathering. But joy of joys, our friends from New Jersey were in town for this one! These extra-special guests made this tailgate especially memorable.

Greg and I first started getting season tickets (with another Texas Ex) WAAAAAY back in '91. As the seasons passed, we lost and gained football buddies as friends graduated, gave in to their Longhorn addictions, or moved. It was the love of a great woman who took Greg away from our wild-and-crazy group and to the Big Apple. Since making the move, Greg hasn't made it to Austin too often. I hadn't seen Greg and Dana since those glorious Rose Bowl days in LA in January '06, so it was absolutely fantastic to see them this weekend!

I can't wait until the next reunion. Next time, how wonderful would it be to have K&D and Wall with us, too? In spite of our residences in New Jersey, California, Amarillo, Houston, Breckenridge, Fort Worth, Mansfield and good ol' Austin, our group has stayed in touch thanks to email and our common love of the Horns--and each other!

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