Friday, October 19, 2007

A gourd time was had by all.

I just love autumn! I can barely walk through Kohl's or Target without picking up a fall kitchen towel or picture frame. It's funny to decorate our house with fall foliage when our trees are still summery-green. (Well, the trees that aren't web-wormy are still green, anyway!) School is always crazy-busy by now, too. In spite of all that, October's still one of my three favorite months.

Tonight reminded me why this time of year is special. After dinner we took the kids to their favorite pumpkin patch--the one with the big slide. Brett's been taking them to the neighborhood patches in the afternoons lately: nice weather + bounce houses = easy way to blow off after-school steam! The kids have been wanting to visit this particular spot at night, though, so tonight was our chance.

The weather was perfect, and the colors--I just love the yellows and reds and purples and...
oh, how I love all that ORANGE!We let the kids slide for a good while, and we bought a few primo pumpkins.

It was great! Throw in some good football-watching tomorrow, carve up some jack-o-lanterns on Sunday, and we'll round out this gorgeous autumn weekend!

P.S. I was just determined to get a decent picture of the kids amid the pumpkins, but silly comments and strangers' backsides kept getting in our way!
But this shot? Oh. My. Goodness. No wonder people keep asking if R&K are twins!

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Angi said...

How fun! You'll have to tell us where that patch is. We used to go to one far, far away for a Sunday school social, but haven't in a year or two.
Yes, they DO look a lot alike in that picture!