Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our sparkler.

Tonight was the third, fourth and fifth grade patriotic program at Katie's school. (It's still weird that it's not Ryan's school anymore!) Fitting with her "Sparkle" T-shirt, our girl surely did shine!

The kids sang two songs that really took me back. "Fifty Nifty" is how I (and a lot of us!) learned the 50 states (in alphabetical order, no less), and "The Preamble" was a Schoolhouse Rock fave that paid off when we had to memorize those words in high school government.

It was a wonderful program, and we were so glad Memaw, Nana and Papa got to join us for the show. Way to go, Kates!


Jennifer said...

I SO remember singing 50 Nifty in school. That's how I know all 50 states in ABC order!

Thanks for the huge comment on my blog about videos. I appreciate your help!!

Wade said...

Fifty Nifty!

No kidding, I was just thinging about that song not too long ago. Somebody was bragging that they could say the States in alphabetical order and I thought, "That's no biggie - I can do that!"

I starting singing the song and, gasp!, I forgot how the tune goes when you get to Kentucky!!

I may have to swing by and let Katie remind me how it goes!