Sunday, October 21, 2007


Tonight was our small group's annual pumpkin carving party. This year both Ryan and Katie wanted to carve their own jack-o-lanterns.

Of course, there was plenty of carving going on, but the kids (big and small) played games, too:
They really enjoyed "Ghosts in the Graveyard":

By the time it was getting dark, we were ready to check out everyone's handiwork:

(Do you see the moon in the one above? It took me a while to see the man in the moon in the negative space there!)

The creations were so impressive! I can't get over the intricate detail in the jack-0-lanterns.

Baxter supervised the festivities:

Prizes were awarded, and once again, we were reminded how blessed we are to have our small group!

Our creations: Ryan's, Katie's and mine.

(Mine is supposed to be the UT Tower, but my freehand architectural rendering doesn't match my fanaticism for my school!)

This one is Katie's spoooooky ghost.

And Ryan's just batty for his pumpkin!


PB said...

Your creations are great! It takes me a while to get those negative space pictures too, but I love them. Looks like you guys had a spooky good time!

Jennifer said...

wow, I'm really impressed!

tamandscott said...

That's so fun! We opted for pumpkin tatoos for our little ones. I am excited to carve one day, though!