Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fairly familiar.

Now that I've been to 21 Texas-OU games, you could say I've grown accustomed to the State Fair. It's just not October until I reacquaint myself with some old friends:

And as always, my fair day absolutely has to include Fletcher's corny dogs for breakfast, brunch and lunch:
But every year there's something new, something different to see in the hours between our early arrival (to avoid traffic) and kickoff. This year, we saw the return of the Skyway:

The world's biggest pig:
The Children's Zoo (new to me, anyway!):

The 2007 edition of the butter sculptures:

Elsie the Cow:

Friends in a sauna:...and the coolest sand castles/sculptures:

After seeing all that plus new cars, frisbee-catching dogs and more orange- and red-clad fans than you can imagine, it was time to return yet again to our old pal, the Cotton Bowl.

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