Saturday, May 03, 2008

Crazy Saturday, Part 2C: A-maze-ing kids.

After watching the longhorns, we headed to our next destination: the Cattlepen Maze. Both kids were REALLY anxious to go through the maze!

It's an impressive structure, and it even has a herd of longhorns in its backyard! A banner out front reminded me that this maze was featured on CBS' Amazing Race 5.

As people go through the maze, they're supposed to find stamps for the letters M, A, Z and E. Katie was the first to find the A stamp!

When Ryan found the A, he used that vantage point to scout out his route.

Both kids came right under our observation deck a couple of times.

We wondered how long it would take them to get all four stamps and find their way out.

Ryan was the first to finish with Katie not too far behind. Their reward for successfully completing the task?

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