Sunday, May 11, 2008

The mother of all holidays.

What a fun day! It started with homemade gifts from the sweetest kids in Dubtown:

Katie made a piano card (complete with "Eyes of Texas" sheet music and a sweet note) and an orange pot.

Ryan wrote an honor poem for me and created one of his trademark Jaws cards. (This one featured "Mommy Jaws.")

After church, we headed to Brett's brother's house for a cook-out honoring the family's moms.

Canine cousins

All in the family

But not all of the family! We missed Mike, Chris and Cara!

Of course, it was great to spend the day with my awesome mom!

And that was just lunch! For supper we had dinner with one of my oldest friends. (Well, she's not OLD—I've just known her longer than just about any of my other friends!) She and her family just moved to our area a few months ago. Back in the day our houses were a short bike ride apart, and it's beyond cool that we now have just a short drive between us!

So YEA for today!

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Jennifer said...

those gifts are so sweet! Glad you had a good day- you deserve it!