Thursday, May 29, 2008

We don't need no education.

School's out for summer!

The new 5th grader

To celebrate, the kids and I ate dinner at TGI Friday's. (Brett was in Arlington, working on one of his writing gigs.)

The new 7th grader

I requested a table in this room because the wall is covered with pop culture stuff we dig, from the Beatles to Pee Wee Herman, from Atari to Star Wars.

Can you spot Ryan's favorite part of the wall?

We had a great feast, and it was so nice to celebrate the end of another school year!


Sean Cavendish said...
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Sean Cavendish said...

Hey, this reminds me that Josie and I owe you guys a really cheap supper someday soon. I'm thinking of such fine dining experiences as Pizza Garden or Taco Bell, even!