Friday, May 16, 2008

A heart for art.

Katie was so excited several weeks ago when one of her creations was selected for the district art show. The show finally arrived this week, and after our Friday dinner at Razzoo's, we had the privilege of perusing the art!

The artiste with her work, a cool tessellation!

Awesome job, Katie! We're so proud of you, and we love that you have taken such an interest in art!


Anonymous said...

Nice work Katie! And congratulations!

Have you ever looked at MC Escher's artwork? Check out his website:

You can see a bunch of his tessellations there. Keep it up!


Tami said...

Yea, Katie!! Awesome job!

PB said...

Katie, a girl after my own art...err I mean heart. My favorite subject was art. I loved having my work displayed in the art shows. Keep it up Katie. You did a fantastic job!

Remember, art is good for the soul!