Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lyrics by Katie Dub.

Then Forever
(to the tune of American Pie)

A long, long time ago, in a school not too far away,
Mom was learning a little French.
Dad was trying to go to Mars,
but too bad he was goofin' off
in science, math and even art.

Then one day they came together,
First at dinner, then forever.
They were good together,
Happy ever after.
Then one day they had a marriage,
then a little baby carriage.
They were meant to be, we can see.

So we are singin',
My, my, these so lucky guys.
They were happy,
not too crappy,
had some beautiful kids.
They got some kitties,
still one's fat and one's thin,
singin' these so lucky guys,
these so lucky guys.

Thanks, Katie! What a lovely song you've written for us!


Jenna said...

Lovely song, but I need some clarification, "not too crappy" - what meaning is she trying to convey there, and "still one's fat and one's thin" is she talking about the cats or about her parents?

So creative and cute! Glad you guys had fun at the stockyards. I grew up on a farm and have never had much desire to spend time at the stockyards.

Wade said...

"They were happy,
not too crappy,"

Ha! Right now Don McLean is wishing he had thought of that line!

Laurie said...

I love the song! That is great!