Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now and then and ice cream again.

Tonight was the big spring band concert, so we loaded up and headed to our local high school auditorium.

Ryan warms up on the way

This particular high school just happens to be Brett's alma mater. As soon as he walked into the lobby outside the auditorium, he had a "severe flashback" to people and moments he hadn't really thought about in 20-plus years. Before the concert started, he and Katie wandered on over to the gym, and he couldn't get over how that place smells exactly the same as it did back in the day. He said that being there, he could easily recall the "mean coaches, good friends and big games."

Back in the auditorium, we got to hear Ryan perform. (We certainly couldn't see him and other other trumpets back there in the fourth row!)

As is our tradition, we stopped at Baskin-Robbins for a post-concert treat.

Mmmm... vanilla!

Great job, Ryan! Way to go, band!


katy_lee2 said...

is that at richland?

PB said...

Is that a picture of Brett standing in the foyer pointing out where the gunman came in and fired a round of shots? (Ask Brett, if you are confused.) I haven't been to the alma mater since I graduated. I'm sure Brett has many fond memories from there. That's neat he was able to walk the halls with his kids.

Way to go Ryan!