Sunday, November 06, 2011

A blog post in every drop.

This cold I've had for nearly a week now has led me to consume a steady supply of cough drops. On the road this weekend, I was unable to replenish my stock with the usual off-brand drops, so I picked up some Hall's.

Apparently some marketing genius has decided that those afflicted with coughing spells are lacking self-motivation. "A pep talk in every drop" is the trademarked tag that appears on the cough drop wrappers. (This must be the offspring of the "Have a happy period" campaign.)

Among the pep talks: Impress yourself today. Put your game face on. Inspire envy. Elicit some "wows" today. Go get it.

Um, I already went and got it, assuming "it" is a cold! Now if you would kindly take a break from the pep talks, maybe you could help me STOP COUGHING!

Now excuse me while I go seize the day.

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