Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Texas game 6: Okie State.

Oct. 15, 2011

A week after the Texas-ou debacle, we were back in Austin to face Oklahoma State. The Cowboys are plowing through opponents this year, aiming for a title, and our "little" (read: "young") team was not going to get in their way.

Still, we had a great tailgate (brisket and all the trimmings, plus a special guest) and enjoyed this sunny October afternoon. It was "Chamber of Commerce weather," that's for sure!

Some tailgating highlights:
Pretty awesome to have a friend of a friend cater the tailgate!
No fuss, no muss AND great food.

What a nice surprise to have Hook 'Em pay us a visit!

Many call Hook 'Em "Bevo," but Bevo is
the name of the actual longhorn.
(Besides, Bevo has already
visited our tailgate!)

By the way, Hook 'Em is awesome with little kids!

When this little lady was hesitant to approach,
Hook 'Em had mom give him a hug first.

It took some convincing...

but she gradually started to
warm up to the big furry guy.

And yes, she did give him a hug!

We had a good, midsized crowd for the tailgate,

and T made the most of the fancy chair.
(Dangling grapes not included.)

Game highlights:

If you're going to misspell a word, make sure it's not EDITOR.

Walter Cronkite's been gone for years now,
but when his "Get Your Horns Up" spot
comes on, EVERYONE gets into it!

They're T-n-T, dynamite!

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