Monday, November 21, 2011

Homecoming 2011.

Oct. 21, 2011

Homecoming. You know, few alumni actually come home for this particular football game, and at Ryan's school, there's not even a dance. Still, there's something special about homecoming. Something WONDERFUL.

(Sorry. Got carried away quoting The Diary again.)

Ryan's special day started with breakfast at Tea and Donuts.

The specialness continued at the game, where Cara and Jeff joined us.

RHS's rival, HHS, performed its marching show.

It was pretty spooky with all the monks.

The Grim Reaper didn't exactly lighten the mood, either.

Then the band started dropping like flies.


Then it was time for RHS's part of the halftime show.

Since it was homecoming, the big coronation took the place of the usual marching show. 

Once the game ended (with an RHS win!), it was time for the band to take the field.

We thought it was neat that the football team hung around to support the band.


'The Diary' was worth the wait.

We finally got to see the closer, the show's finale. To see the whole show culminate in that last section brought goosebumps and yes, tears.
Yep. Homecoming is special.

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