Tuesday, November 08, 2011

FNL Game 6.

Oct. 6, 2011

(Even though I'm throwing this into the "Friday night lights" category, this game happened to fall on a Thursday night. And this Thursday just so happened to be Katie's 14th birthday! Since we couldn't do the big family dinner that night, Katie invited a friend to go out to eat and to the game with us and then spend the night at our house.)

As the high school football season rolled on, I became more and more obsessed with comparing our school's inflatable tunnel to our opponent's. I just knew someday we'd come across a tunnel that did not surpass our own.

I was wrong. But hey, ours still works, right?

It was a GORGEOUS October night.

Every team has to run the flags. If I had to run 100 yards carrying one of these things, I'd have to do this:

(Obligatory football action shot)

The opposition, CHHS, had a cool marching show that featured a grand piano on the sideline. Cool.

This was also my first time to see a guard girl riding the snares across the field. Nifty.

This was NOT our first time to see the drill team perform its "Daddy-Daughter Dance."

It is so much fun watching these dads/family friends support the girls.

What good sports they were! It's sweet, really.

Of course, the highlight of all of these games comes when our band takes the field.

And throughout the game, it's so much fun to listen to and watch the band in the stands.

Go, band! Go, Ryan!

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